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Joe Rogan.... I can't even

Updated on September 02, 2021 at the 13th hour
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Taking Ivermectin 🤣🤣🤪 along with other shit. I wouldn't be surprised if he took a insignificant dose just for attention.

Ivermectin has no effect unless you overdose on it. 🤣🤪

As I say, everyone's a doctor these days.

He is one guy I saw last year, paid some attention to because he had some interesting people come on his show and I've stopped caring about the guy. He lives for the controversy and in this case he likes take in bad information, so fuck the horse Joe Rogan. 🐎

I won't be surprised if he dies due to his retardation. Seen other talkers die because they felt Ivermectin was a good idea and that vaccines were bad. Vaccine stimulates body against virus and Ivermectin is a "big pharma" drug. Good job idiots for supporting what you love to hate, big pharma! Keep breathing in that "Chinese" virus air and contributing to that "Gain of Function" virus.

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