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'It's Free Speech Only When I Say It'

Updated on January 25, 2022 at the 22th hour
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Critical Race Theory, the boogeyman after the Election Fraaaauud boogyman. Ask republiklansmen to cite examples of CRT taught in schools or election fraud and... crickets.

'WE NEED LESS REGULATIONS', ha. So why are republiklansmen so interested in regulating free speech in relation to white feelings? I don't see anyone getting charged for calling someone else the N-word. If you're gonna regulate free speech in relation to your feelings why not regulate it in regards to everyone's feelings then.

Hahaha, the bans on CRT boogeyman opens up the doors for democrats to ban use of the n-word. Mark my words, republiklans. You fucked up real bad treading in this direction. It leads me to ask why call them conservatives when they keep opening doors?

Conservatards keep on fucking the country with their hysteria.

Republiklans hysteria cancel culture -

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