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Updated on January 11, 2021 at the 03th hour
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I can no longer be tolerant of tRump/QAnon supporters on and offline. You must be erased from the world you treasonous fucking scum. You white pasty punk short sighted pieces of shit threatened the stability of the US Government and do not care to think who or what it affects. Self destructive pieces of shit must be GASSED and put to death.

The whole world is reliant on a stable US government you motherfuckers. You were on the verge of destroying the dollar and killng the country. I swear jail is not enough for you idiotic shits.

No one will miss any of you when we gas and hang you all. QAnon can no longer be tolerated as an insane inert idea, it must be categorized as a very high national security threat and exterminated. Extrajudicial killings need to be authorized against these treasonous scum fucks.

The fuck faces who keep talking about free speech free speech free speech, fuck you. You speech isn't free and you will have no right to speech once the dollar is gone. Fuck you and your highroad. Treasonous scum must be put on the firing line one way or another.

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