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Imagine if they were Black and Terrorizing a White Family

Updated on January 27, 2021 at the 13th hour
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If it were the other way around they'd be called "thugs"

"A captain from the sheriff's office allegedly did not attempt to question the members of the mob while they were outside the Shepard home and told the family the next day, "it was complicated to apprehend or arrest anyone who had been there the previous night," the suit said."

Same reason why the terrorists at the US Capitol were let go. Always too complicated when white, armed and grouped, but never when black, armed and grouped. Fuckin racists. Pigs were hoping the mob would find something or let it roll over. NEVER would have happened the other way around.

Let the blacks fend for themselves. That never stopped since it was codified in law and passed down socially no matter what color of skin.

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