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Imagine A World without Licensing

Updated on May 01, 2021 at the 10th hour
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We had that world and this is one of the many reasons why licensing exists.

Going backwards because poor people can't become plumbers, electricians or takes too long is a really really stupid argument and a product of neglect. Aw, it is too hard to become a rocket scientist, so let's get rid of these requirements for competency for materials science and differential calculus.

Who is clamoring for unlicensed professionals in the plumbing/electrician area? Fucking libertarians and other really dumb fucking retards. Conservatives are an uneducated bunch that I say should have no say in policy making other than to file complaints after the policy is made. Just god damned stupid. 'Get rid of drivers license because government overreach.' Wtf?

We neglected to fix our licensing requirements so we decided to go free for all. How hard is it to review of licensing of a specific profession vs the common types of fixes or builds? Lazy as fuck.

Just wait until the next tragedy because "cost cutting measures."


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