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How Twisted and Enabling Mothers Can Be

Updated on August 30, 2021 at the 16th hour
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Son's a rapist and serial killer.

In his past he sexually assaulted his neighbor's daughter. His mother is thinks that "... its strange. Maybe a little good does come from some bad."

She's in denial and performs mental aerobatics saying her son isn't a dangerous criminal. "They' don't stop to think that he even walked the girl home. Does that sound like a dangerous criminal? He even walked the girl home."

It's this pattern of enabling and defending scum behavior that leads to future shootings and killings.

Yeah..., of course clearly 🤪 sexually assaulting people doesn't make him a dangerous criminal. Honestly, his mother should be walked home and then attacked then we can see the mental aerobatics to not label her attacker a "dangerous criminal".

There's too much scum in the world and I hope pandemics continue to rage on and kill those who are ignorant and in denial like this one. Hell, I hope she dies from an attack by someone who fits her description of dangerous criminal. Dumb fucking bitch.

Her son's a rapist and serial killer. He admitted to it and bragged about it. He is not well and deserves death. Bring em right behind the barn and shoot em in the back of the head. Take his mother along for the same ride.

And wow, the killer fuck leaves reviews on Amazon that you'd think amounts to dark humor, but really his way of telling the world of what he did what the item he bought. I did laugh at the reviews since it can be silly if the item was described in an exaggerating WTF manner.

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