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How my Day Trading Going?

Updated on November 24, 2020 at the 19th hour
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I slowed down after the craziness of the first week of the month. I pretty much lost a ton of what I gained in the second week. Was depressed during that time 😢. Stepped away from trading to regain my footing. Made some good plays as I recovered confidence again.

Looks like there are some really good stocks out there that I say are cheap compared to long term look. Jim Cramer came out with a list today that I think make sense, I'll likely invest in one or two of them like I did after crash (i invested in a lot of cruise companies after that crash 😎). Pharma companies look good. Gaming companies look good.

I'm unsure about big tech stocks though. Gold bull definitely is out until stimulus.

COVID risk is still there. Lock down risk is still there. Just need to be mindful.

Yeah, just chilling not stressing out trading the market as crazy as I did in October. Still at a overall profit since I started day trading, so I'm happy. Getting pumped up again. Pays my bills ez.

Up up and up to the fucking MOOON 🌝

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