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"Heavily intoxicated" Sgt. Dubraska Guevara gets favorable treatment

Updated on August 26, 2021 at the 03th hour
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“Motherf---er I need my motherf---in’ drugs.”


"A ‘heavily intoxicated’ Miami-Dade Schools Police sergeant repeatedly struck, resisted and cursed at two Doral Police officers, knocked their body cameras off them, wrestled with an officer on the ground while handcuffed and taunted him to call for backup, according to video and police records."

Imagine if a civilian did that...

“If it was someone like you or I, we would be in much bigger trouble than what this officer was [in],” said Florida International University professor Suman Kakar and expert in policing. “There’s some partiality coming on. The report doesn’t even mention all of the chaos she caused there.”

Police have cams of all these drunks they supposedly let go and cause chaos, so release the vids to the public.

Update: Fired. I guess she'll sue or something. Is there a way to communicate why an officer was fired? I'm sure this behavior isn't a one off and this was the one time she was caught.

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