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GOP, The Regressive Party, is a Party of Scandals

Updated on June 17, 2022 at the 12th hour
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The party the operates by for the few by the few.

As one commenter puts it:

Well at least the party of the "intellectually challenged" is consistent:

911 Terror Attacks – GOP POTUS

Afghan War – GOP POTUS

Iraq War – GOP POTUS


Great Recession – GOP POTUS

2007 Financial Crisis – GOP POTUS

January 6th Insurrection – GOP POTUS

Botched Hurricane Katrina Response – GOP POTUS

Botched Puerto Rico Hurricane Response – GOP POTUS

Watergate Scandal – GOP POTUS

Great Depression – GOP POTUS

Iran/ Contra Scandal – GOP POTUS

Botched COVID-19 Response – GOP POTUS

The party who doesn't want anyone else to tell them what to do even if it is for their benefit. No wonder they don't like red flag laws. They are all mental, 100% fucked in the head.

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