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Going Full Scale Recession 2020: Borders Closing and Business Actvity on the Decline.

Updated on June 21, 2020 at the 14th hour
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CoronaWar and Oil Dumping

Layoffs are prominent in the Travel and Shipping industry. It'll soon spread to the Tech Industry, who thinks they are immune. If people conserve money they will cancel their subscriptions and stop buying hardware and software like they used to, so that means Tech companies will be forced to shed the fat and trim some of the lean.

Governments from the top and bottom are grappling with how to deal with Coronavirus containment and mitigation. People are buying household products and food in a frenzy. Schools, Resturants, Bars, Conferences, Sports arenas, Theme Parks and all other gathering points for people are closing down as ordered are part of the containment and mitigation strategy. Big brother is telling everyone no more gathering up or else you will be fined. If you violate your corona-quarantine, you will be arrested. Hey, it is fair, you are a public danger. If you can't self quarantine then let the government do it for you. It is the CoronaWar. Spain seems to be happy about their emergency orders.

Oil is another sparking point for pushing the US stock market below far more than it would have under the CoronaWar alone. The Russians pit themselves into an oil war with OPEC which decreased demand for US oil, so companies there are getting the shaft. Have to wonder if it was a plot under Putin to shtick it to the US. Saudis probably didn't respond the way Putin predicted, so Russia is getting the shaft too.

We are in the midst of the Stock Market Crash of 2020. I blame Trump and his minions, of course. The US could have better prepared for what they saw happening in China. They had the foresight. Chose to ignore it. Many other countries did too. Borders are closing and countries around the world are becoming isolationist. US Interest rates are at ZERO. You can read it anywhere you want, but the bull shit that is fed "Election year recession won't happen" Hah, that aged really fast, nature + humans have no bounds for amazement. US is not prepared for another recession with ballooning corporate and government debt.

You have to wonder what is next. We could be headed for a Depression if business activity doesn't pick up the way analyst think it will after the CoronaWar.

Will Trump still be president?

Will Republicans in general have their way with Healthcare now that nature has given the US more reason for why healthcare for all is important!

Will the CoronaWar never end like the Afghan war?

Will Putin man up, make a deal and decrease oil production as OPEC requested?

Will the US economy pick right back up after the recession of 2020?

I figured there would be a slowdown in 2020 before Corona, never knew it would be a virus to spark it! The one thing that is good is at the end of all of this, I think online only businesses will absolutely prosper now that people who would not have bothered are forced to try different things.

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