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Foreign Electronic Business In China is a Fool's Venture

Updated on June 21, 2020 at the 14th hour
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Notion didn't contribute to social unrest in China, but hey let's arbitrarily block it. Is it arbitrary though?

The block was instituted only to defend copy catting in China. There's nothing wrong with copy catting as long as you don't steal code as far as I see it.

I don't see anything wrong with some guy who decided to see if he could figure out how something was built and make it available in his home country because it was doing better than existing services.

In my opinion, it is wrong for the guy to have shut the copy cat down. All the "moral high road" bullshitters should go fuck themselves given they build on the backs of others by literally taking their code via use of libraries.

Anyway, If you aren't Chinese and you do any kind of Internet business in China, don't bother. It is a massive waste of time. It would be like trying to live there or even Japan as a foreigner, very very very difficult to be accepted.

Furthermore, any US businesses still doing business in China should pull out 70-90% since the Sino-US war is currently underway. Worse case, it turns into a shooting war (2030-2040 at best?) or neutral case, a bigger Cold war (US government is aligned on anti-China policy) depends on China. China wants Taiwan and it most likely will get it back in line since they see it Chinese lands taken over by rebels who need to be brought back in line. With the way the US has been towards China before the hardline Trump admin, it was never interested in fighting China. China overplayed its hand too early. The impact of China's decisions in the next 20-30 years will dramatically alter China-US Business relations into the negative. If only it were a conspiracy theory; that would be the best case.

P.S.Maybe some day when teleportation is a thing, they'll be able to "teleport" you with a different overall body configuration in different countries (probably won't even be countries anymore; A World Without Boundaries) or planets.

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