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Fake Coughing Karens

Updated on September 09, 2021 at the 15th hour
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Doxxed and fired:

Dumb bitches need to take their politics elsewhere. I absolutely would have punched a bitch like this. Annoying little fucks.

Freedom freedom freedom, but here again we have this freedom impeding bullshit constantly from Karens.

I definitely vibe with this sentiment around the idiocy around conservatard ideology:

"You have to be a moron who doesn't understand basic biology and probability theory, hyped up on conservative tv designed for morons like you, and attending a church full of morons like you who agree with you. Basically you have to exist in a bubble of stupid where you, your friends, and your family are all utter imbeciles, and you all think you're smarter than people WAY above you. SHEEP, SHEEP. you say, as you pound down horse medicine instead of a cutting edge vaccine. SHEEP, SHEEP you cry, as you listen to propaganda with more holes than swiss cheese. SHEEP, SHEEP you say, as you're fleeced of every last scent by covid."

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