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"F-ing Market, Stock Prices keep Eluding Me"

Updated on October 26, 2020 at the 17th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

Sometimes I feel like the Stock Market is fucking rigged, to borrow a page out of tRump's book.

It is an emotional rollercoaster with stocks at least when day trading. I look for valleys in stocks to see if I want to buy in and sell quickly in the same day session.

I saw primarily G and F (just first letter of the stocks) being highly volatile, so I day traded those to the fucking moon. I then tried to get into other fucking stocks and lost my gains then I'd get back into G and F and gain my gains back, but then invest not so much relatively into a stock that had an earnings call at market close before it dove down! Motherfucker. Lose some gains and then again get back into G and F to gain it all back.

I was pissed every time this shit happened. WTF.

I recently started to say fuck it if the market is rigged, I'm going to do buys at smaller doses as the stock gets close to what I think is a valley to make sure I can capture or lose smaller value. It seems to work better as a strategy. Got moderate gains that add up over time.

Another pissoff is when I want to sell, the prices are so eager to drop, but when it needs to gain it will do that slowly (there are times when shit spikes though). I kind of start seeing if I will drop the sell prices. When I do sell, the prices stays above what I sold it at. OMFG RIGGED.

When I started this month, I was like hmm let me bet big and get some big gains, but doing that repeatedly without waiting stagnated my ascent. You'd see crazy peaks and valleys in my portfolio.

Spending my "psycho" budget on this game of short term bear and short term bull. Happy as fuck at times and angry as fuck at other times. I don't like being or feeling STAGNANT.

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