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Difference between the 44th and the 45th approval

Updated on September 13, 2020 at the 19th hour
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When a president can walk the streets without harassment every now and then, it is the best assessment of the president's job approval. I don't need bs sample statistics to tell me approval rating.

tRump on the other hand doesn't have anything. He doesn't walk nor can't he walk a mile without being harassed, so he needs security to cordon off people away.

tRump needs to be thrown to the wolves in November. No one respects him.

People who vote democrat need to use mail in ballots wherever regardless of the bullshit intimidation republicans try to use. They cannot stop anyone from using a mail in ballot. They can try to persecute for "fraud", but that is empty words and will go nowhere real quick.

Fuck the Republicans. Never can I vote for a party that plays dirty with valid acceptable ways to vote. A stain that will come to bite them.

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