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Critical Race Theory or CRT

Updated on February 21, 2022 at the 18th hour
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The phrase Conservatards can't define and don't care for what it actually is. The "truth" seeking party only care for shitting on Biden and Democrats. Conservatards are in fact racist and I care not if they are ignorant of it. Any reasonable person figures shit out and these guys are not interested in figuring out shit. Making up kids and stories in order to draw white sympathy and pass racist laws. As usual, you ask these people the 5 W's and they fail hard like scammers.

Freedom of thought is not protected by conservatards. No wonder their kids are phukkked up and failing hard, but they blame it on the "government". Take your kids out of school and homeschool them if you are scared.

Your CRT panic is fake and if you are panic-ing and have fear, you are racist. Come to terms with it. Too worried about manufactured garbage white fear topics like this instead of civil forfeiture laws that rob yours, your kids, neighbors and businesses asses when not linked to any crime. HEEEER DURH, probably never going to happen right? Good luck with that, morons. Robbed while being distracted with political garbage.

Too many political bots these days, online and off. I have the perfect black mirror style solution coming soon for the online part. An offline solution would require hardware and computer vision.

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