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"Crazy" Ideas

Updated on April 24, 2020 at the 23th hour
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"I also like the strategy of temporarily suspending your disbelief and throwing yourself headlong into something for a while, allowing your emotional state to be as if you were 100% confident."

What is rationality anyway? Being able to reason? "Crazy" ideas are not reasonable. It is the only reason why ideas are crazy to you and not others. You don't know if the idea will work. You don't even suspend disbelief that it will work.

I know that I have 0% confidence that whatever crazy idea I have will 100% work. I dive in to a "crazy" idea because whatever reasons I came up with rationalized that the idea will work if I can get certain inputs and outputs to work out which may have resulted from combining crazy ideas. Hindsight will always rationalize the crazy idea(s) as insight.

I always wondered if allowing the mind wander, from time to time, resulted in insights. Wandering is irrational thought. Letting the mind make connections that were not there before.

Do we really have to ask if mindlessness can fuel innovation? Nature is mindless. There is randomness all over the universe. That randomness produced us. Life seems pretty innovative creation in this solar system. Only one planet confirmed has it out of the others.

It makes me wonder if these "rational" believers are a religious cult. Sort of a "Rationality is everything good and all irrational is bad! Only believe in rational thoughts! Suspend disbelief to go to shroom land."

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