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Conservatards Book Banning or 1984 Backfiring

Updated on December 24, 2021 at the 02th hour
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Ah yes, the R-tards who complain about liberals, feelings and whatever safe place are the ones guilty of it. 1984 they scream, but look at them enact policies to bring forth the horrors of 1984. Conservatards will never get their story straight.

Yes, conservatards your plans won't work well and they never will. What you try to block out will proliferate just like your religious sanctity (of which there is none). Look how well it worked with alcohol, mature games, rap music, prostitutes, and sex. 😂 Keep wasting your time and energy crying about nothing until they day you die from COVID.

but "CANCEL CULTURE?!!!!!" hypocritical hysterical idiots. Welcome to the information age, ya old karen conservatard bitches.

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