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Can Definitely See Why Claudia Conway Hates Trump

Updated on January 23, 2021 at the 00th hour
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Kellyanne Conway's a supporter of tRump the gRump and very wowza abusive towards her daughter. Crazy bitch I tell ya. How does George deal with this shit? I guess it's a opposites attract, crazy attracted to stable, thing or just two crazies that love fighting with each other.

Not surprising why the cops would show up for a "welfare check" though sounds like they need some child protective services up in that joint! Actually, they did and.... nothing, but they are happy to take away kids left in a car for 10 seconds. U s e l e s s.

What does "online bullying" have to do with her abusive behavior anyway? Just more alternative facts from Kellyanne! Claudia can't wait to get the fuck outta there!

The threat she made against her daughter: “You’re lucky your mom’s pro life.” Just girl talk right, Kellyanne? Seems that Kellyanne take out her rage on her kids since she couldn't rage on TV.

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