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Cadesha Bishop Kills Man, 74 pushing him Off the Bus

Updated on November 10, 2021 at the 18th hour
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Bitch killed a man because she got pissed off. She deserves the chair. She walked on as if nothing happened. She deserves a flogging. She gets bailed out and still doing dumb shit. She deserves the fuuuuuucking chair. Useless fat dumb bitch who couldn't move about their day getting angry without being violent.

We have a "compassionate" society so she'll probably get 5 years or maybe they'll live up to their ideals and give her the chair.

I don't care of the guy's age in particular. Society seems to think if you are old then you need extra charges in order to respect your elders, which is controversial since a person could look old or young given their habits. Easier to trigger people with elderly in the title. Should be given the same punishment regardless of who you attack rather than let people factor in the cost of an attack. Most people aren't going to fight elderly people or minors regardless. Abuse, mental or physical especially if it is slow and little by little, is another issue. I digress.

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