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Billions of Dollars used to Settle Police Misconduct Claims

Updated on March 10, 2022 at the 00th hour
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I wonder who foots the bill. The cops right? Ha, don't make me laugh. You are.

You got quite a few cops who have 10+ cases that they've racked up. A few of them got 100+ cases. At what point do you assess risk per officer and start cutting them before they cost you too much to keep on the force? 5million dollars? 50 cases?

At some point you've got to ask what kind of police force you want and so far we have some who want little policing (you don't see them constantly) and others who complain about police state but want heavy policing (just not in their neighborhoods). A lot of these people are to be tuned out.

What metrics are important to keep a police force in check and what drives the bar for more or less policing as time goes on and changes come about with shifting social factors such as demographics, economy and crime rate. None of these depts likely have any realistic or useful metrics. I'll give them 2, cost to city and number of cases to derive cost per case, cost per officer and cost per person in that area. These are metrics that can easily be calculated and publicized.

Police departments in general need to get better at data collection and publishing that data so that research institutes can do better studies. If they keep going about destroying or hiding this information then they will never and I guarantee you never fully gain trust.

Publish the data.

I, repeatedly, was looking for this kind of data and super happy because it's important to know how much WE are paying these so called protectors.

FUCK THE POLICE! at least until they get better. 😉

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