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Bad Information is a Pandemic

Updated on May 19, 2020 at the 13th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

"That is not only not right; it is not even wrong"

- Wolfgang Pauli

Pretty much where we all are currently. Information that cannot be proven incorrect nor correct spreading around fueling sprees of bad information.

Conspiracies that most of the world won't hear, but enough for the Media (entertainment companies really) to peddle around.

FB, Twitter, Apple and Google are clamping down on ways to spread bad information resulting in some understandable misfires.

Apps being taken down even though there is no good relation to SARS COV-2 or apps that host User Generated Content (UGC) that reference SARS COV-2.

I applaud the efforts that the companies are taking to shut it down.

FREE SPEECH they say, but they forget what free speech really means. Hijacked, not to mean government from shutting done speech, instead to mean companies should not shut down free speech. It is fundamentally bad information. Same people who say "PRIVATE PROPERTY" want to tell companies how they should do business on a not so designated utility. Right, good luck with that.

With people saying SARS COV2 is a myth and then catching COVID-19 and landing themselves in the hospital, you have to wonder when the idiocy will stop.

Florida firing their COVID 19 dashboard creator because she didn't want to follow orders to fudge some stats. Woo boy and you wonder why bad information catches on more than COVID-19.

What is bad information anyway? Information with no good provable foundation usually speculative.

What is wrong information then? Information with provable wrong foundation.

Yet these two are interchangeably used and we wonder why we are in the middle ground of right and wrong information on the Internet, which has been overtaking traditional media. Unlike traditional media, the Internet cannot be effectively regulated without participants doing the regulating. Regulation tools have been under developed and it is deliberate (STIFLING FREE SPEECH) primarily because they are double-edged. If you want regulation tools then you need to develop it on your own.

Some countries have been developing tools to regulate networks in their borders and I think those countries will be the most successful in the long run. They can swiftly and publicly cut off access to bad or wrong information which stops the unsuspecting from getting pulled into wild conspiracies or bullshit arguments that waste time.

WTF is this bull, Bill Gates trying to kill us all?

Social media is a trove of bad or wrong information. It also has right information. The problem I see is that the bad will be as amplified as the right information and for every piece of right information can be 10 pieces of bad information. Social media companies have a bad information problem and they are trying to deal with it more recently.

Scientists can push out bad information, but at least can label their information as RETRACTED, UPDATED and/or unpublish information. Tools that social media companies hasn't given anyone because there is no real community (topic boundaries) therefore no trust.

Because of the way the internet has not been regulated as it should be, it is not balanced. It is careless and irresponsible to not regulate user generated content. It cuts both ways, but the bullshitting must be regulated. Communities can self regulate given the right tools. There's no reason for bullshit conspiracies to be appearing on very specific forums or sent to people who only talk about very specific topics. The spread of bad information must absolutely be limited and in the best case, like any virus, eliminated.

Keep your conspiracies and mindless thoughts to yourself and fuck you.

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