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Avril Lavigne Gem: Nobody's Home

Updated on November 19, 2020 at the 22th hour
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Another gem that I never stopped listening to. I listen and sing along to it whenever I want. Don't remember exactly how I started listening to it. Maybe YouTube of yesteryear, maybe iTunes. Long time ago, but never stopped loving the lyrics nor the vocals or the whole song really. The way it starts off gets you ready for that melancholy melody all throughout the song. Avril herself doesn't sound sad, but instead telling a story. Short sad story about loneliness and depression and it taking you over to the point no one else can help you nor can you help yourself.

Eh, why does it reasonate with me? I don't feel depressed or lonely now. There are times that I definitely felt depressed or lonely though. Learned through time to be content with these emotions which makes me appreciate life as it comes. I've accepted that depression and loneliness is temporary and not forever. Can't be happy all the time and can't be in a shitty mood all the time either. Almost always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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