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Anti-Vaxxers Getting Wiped Out

Updated on December 03, 2021 at the 12th hour
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SARS COV2 continues its havoc and cause malaise in Anti-vaxxers. If Bill Gates "chips", magnets, 5G and whatever bullshit didn't stop people from getting the vaccine its gotta be now MAGIC DIRT!

If you were stupid enough to believe all the other crap, you gotta be stupid enough to eat dirt! Yes, eat bugs and lead and all kinds of unknown toxins to build immunity from them. Might as well drink sewage and eat shit too. Somehow your body will be ready to fight any virus if you survive these acts.

Nevermind that SARS COV2 has specific proteins that the vaccines have.

Mother Nature please keep evolving the virus and wiping out these cultists. Thanks.

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