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Another Highly Infectious Virus passes over to Humans. 2021 Lockdowns?

Updated on February 20, 2021 at the 19th hour
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Probably not. Even if it turned into a pandemic alongside SARS-COV2, the symptoms don't appear serious enough to warrant lock downs. That could change if it spreads in humans any further for those mutations to occur.

Maybe those China lab conspiracies are true and Russia is doing the same thing to shave off some GDP from western countries to bring them to their knees via asymmetric biological warfare. 'Ah, it was detected in our country and it got exported before we shut down our regions. Oops.'

I don't think they are this dumb or suicidal, but remember that two can play at that game.

It could also be a tactic they'd play out in war to delay enemy plans since these are so highly infectious and they've seen the Western response not that Russia's response to the Wuhan Virus was any better 😂. I guess China virus makes sense since there is a UK and SA variant of the virus. Sucks to be racist and receive it back? Doesn't it China?

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