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Another day, another Black Man Assaulted by Cops for minding his business.

Updated on June 26, 2020 at the 16th hour
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One thing that's interesting about this video is that it is unlisted. Not searchable, but publicly viewable. That is not sufficient for transparency. You need to make extra effort to find this video. Seems actionable. Might be grounds for a suit to prevent this behavior for Police Depts.

Another day in Murica, where the black man is assaulted by cops without proper investigation, only assumptions otherwise known as guilty until proven innocent. "Oh ya, I thought this and that, so that's why I attacked 'em." Do not need to look far in history to see that civilians, primarily white males, do the same to black guys who they see running. "Ahhhhh, he's running! Not sure why, but I gotta stop em before he gets away!"

In this case, the guy was just standing there talking to an officer. Compliant with no signs of aggression or running away. Gotta escalate it up because public safety threat! It is lazy policing that leads to this mess.

Who's gonna clean it up? Oh yeah the taxpayers.

Who's gonna get punished? Ohhh right, no one. Chalk it up for the blue boyz!

Shoot first, ask questions later. Don't worry the public will pick up the tab.

Genuinely, I hope the ACLU gets mixed in to this.

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