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America's Got Its First Black Woman Supreme Court Justice

Updated on April 09, 2022 at the 01th hour
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Ketanji Jackson is the next Supreme Court Justice. They say first black SC Justice. Moments like this supposedly inspires people to become more aspirational. Obama's presidency is said to inspire a lot of younger people to be more aspirational. Personally, I don't care enough for whose at the top and mentoring and all that as I prefer self motivation.

The UGLY: Weirdo old white republiklans brought quite the clown car to the interview. Someone's got to put some term limits of these congress people. It really shouldn't be a career for a lot of them. They get jaded, boring and hyped up by partisan bullshit that no one who cares for the country's direction gives two shit about. People say it's just politicking while I say this is a clown government.

Anyway, Clarence Thomas needs to retire, dude is old. Maybe they can bring on an Asian American Supreme Court justice as well to get more "firsts" out of the way.

Why'd they select a conservative black guy as a SC justice anyway, was that to inspire black men to become more conservative or something? LOL. Racist country, either way. Whether you channel your inner racist energy in a positive, neutral or negative way is up to you.

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