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Affirm is Part of the Mindset of Broke Now, Broke Later

Updated on March 28, 2021 at the 22th hour
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I never understood the allure of buy now and pay later outside of credit cards. Before I got a credit card, I was afraid of getting into CC debt, so I also avoided it. I didn't understand it and the campaign against CC debt succeeded.

I like the mindset of some of these finance "GURUS." Meet Kevin is another UTuber that I like sometimes.

The fake rich lyfestyle is enabled by all these buy now pay later systems. I remember interviewing for Affirm a couple of years ago and asked the recruiter if he used the product and he tried to bullshit it (aw I bought a shirt or some shit) because he knew it wasn't worth it! He didn't believe in the product, so why the fuck would I? He was honest in the end: "It's helpful to others, but I am not particularly in the situation to make the most use of it."

Broke now, broke later. I will never use Affirm, Paypal's Buy Now Pay Later or whatever. I don't want to understand the allure behind it outside of credit cards and will probably never have to as long as I don't do anything insanely crazy.

No matter how much money you get, stay the lane. Money is only a tool. The more you have the more doors open, but it doesn't mean open every door.

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