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Actix-Web is now Unmaintained?! Update: It is back.

Updated on January 20, 2020 at the 15th hour
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Wtf? NoooooOOOoooOOOoo!

Reddit's toxic Rust community strikes down a popular Rust library.

Yes, the maintainer of Actix has quit the open source realm, well, because of the Rust communities' shitstorms over the use of unsafe. "unsafe shitstorm" is hilarious.

"Ahhhhhh, U R USIN UNSAFE. Remove dis shit."

"Plss no... it iz badness. U r a bad Rust dev. Dun use Rust. Not welcome here."

Reddit Rust Open Sores Community Member on finding alternative to Actix-web:

With the responses on things like: [,,] got to wonder who has the patience for these kids.

The Last triggering Github Issue:

On toxicity: it is no shock that devs who pour their time into making something useful would quit. Software is never finished, so it is ok to use unsafe. Bugs will always be there. Soundness is fucking hard and hey anyone bitching and moaning can go fuck themselves. Never feel afraid to bust out unsafe when you cannot find any way to get through your problem. It will get safe at some point just not now.

On ownership: I see why Linus uses such strong language when garbage randos spew trash. A maintainer has all the rights to reject your changes. Yes, this is not a democracy. If you can fork a library then fork it and make the change then use it. If you feel that the library must include your fix that badly then this is your default. Pressuring a maintainer in a way that involves personal attacks should be bannable. The only time I can see pressure being needed is in an emergency situation (we gonna lose money) or if an issue is taking wayyy too long to get a response especially if you actively want to fix the problem.

The Rust community needs to grow up and stop spewing this religious trash everywhere. Soundness is hard. High Performance is hard. Tradeoffs are made. Choose a different library that gives you the guarantee you want or better yet make your own.

Hey assholes, fuck you.

Update (01/20/2020)

Original developer has bestowed the project's maintainership on another.

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