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48 States Left to Get Rid of Qualified Immunity

Updated on April 12, 2021 at the 02th hour
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New Mexico is the first state to get rid of Qualified Immunity for public officials for violation of civil right suits. Colorado got rid of it in June 2020.

New York City got rid of Qualified Immunity for the NYPD. Maybe the state will follow through.

California is looking to end Qualified Immunity as well as "decertify" rogue cops so they can't move from police dept to police dept.

Texas could get rid of it, but I doubt it entirely. Conservatives tend to have a police fetish. Not all of them obviously because freedom from government.

Anyway, good. Police should have malpractice insurance and be a whole lot more careful with non-violent people and trying to enforce their feelings on people. There's no reason people like first amendment auditors being arrested for simply having a camera. If a cop wants to arrest then the onus falls on that cop, not the city. City doesn't have any laws against cameras in public, so that cop wasn't enforcing the law.


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