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3 Million Settlement for Shoplifting Old White Lady

Updated on September 09, 2021 at the 14th hour
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This is one of those cases where the cops were justified in how they treated her, but the city settles for 3 million. Why? The PR around it. "ElDeRlY wHyTe LaDy with Dementia AsSaUlTeD bY PiGs. CoUlD hAvE bEeN mY gRaNdMa!!!!"

Did those cops know she had dementia? Did they mention anything about her mental issues? No? None? Alrighty then. Let's show everyone a YT vid with a sensational title. This is exactly the kinds of videos that distract from the point of police brutality.

I ignored the YT title and only saw a cop apprehend a suspect as usual. At no point was her life in danger. The way they treated her, in fact, is better than they typically would have treated a younger resisting shoplifter. They didn't face plant her into the grass or concrete, threaten to tase her or anything.

3 Million for this boring garbage. 不 "CoUlD hAvE bEeN mY gRaNdMa!!!!" 不不不不

How else were they supposed to apprehend her? No weapons, no hands. I guess just use only your mouth and let them run. She dislocated her own shoulder by resisting arrest. Is the city paying for people damaged during an arrest when they resist and cause that situation?

What a time it is to be a cop. These kinds of situation are why this country is dumb as balls.

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