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1619 Project is Infinitely more Compelling than Any Racist tRump 1776 Bullshit Could Produce

Updated on January 26, 2021 at the 04th hour
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I found the first story very interesting with notable content such as blacks who were elected during reconstruction period before the federal government abandoned them to the second period of slavery through crap like Jim Crow and redlining. Poor southern whites benefited from the shit blacks fought for during reconstruction a.k.a. stealing the gains which is not unlike what happened in January 6 2021 where tRump supporting racist whites took advantage of the aftermath of the George Floyd protests. Supreme court decisions that explicitly said blacks were just a different race.

* Blacks were enslaved longer than free.

* Blacks fought for Civil Rights again after World War 2 which led he way for all the other rights movement. The fear of particular whites who believed that the negro should not be fighting for this country or else they would have to be respected.

* There's a lot of bullshit about how slavery was a thing before America blah blah, but Chattel Slavery where black children would inherit slavery was a new thing.

* Lincoln felt that blacks should go back to Africa since they were the primary problem behind the Civil War. Fuck you Abe! The white man and his greed is the problem.

* The amount of violence whites in a "civilized" country displayed in order to keep the black man down as women, in general, had no rights to anything.

FUCK tRUmp and his racist dog whistling bullshit. "Not the America you know anymore" and voter fraud he lodges just like racist southerners of past and late. Only the white vote matters to these racist pieces of shit but please spill your black blood for the country. Motherfuckers like these should die a flaming death in hell.

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