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1/06/2021 was the day Every American's Life would have Completely Changed.

Updated on January 12, 2021 at the 03th hour
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This was some 'Call of Duty' shit was my reaction. Bombs, molotov cocktails, guns, zip ties in D.C. at the Capitol? Bombs being used to divert police resources? While they terrorize the D.C. Capitol? Holy shit.

If they had succeeded in getting any congresspeople, that would have been the end. They were very very very close to getting some lawmakers. It was the perfect setup security-wise. Security was compromised. Reinforcements were compromised. Some very brave smart Capitol Police trolled the terrorists to drag their attention away. I wouldn't been surprised if some of them played Call of Duty and used those skills.

If they had succeeded, the financial effects would have propagated immediately. Yours and my life would have changed for the worse. The markets and the U.S. dollar depend on a stable government. As soon as the government is taken hostage, stability is gone it is done. People will turn on each other for their survival. Who the fuck knows who would be on MAGA USA's side and The Resistance. Who knows if the Russians and Chinese would step in and start claiming territories seeking to 'assist in the fight.' Chinese economy is still flimsy, so instability in the US is not a good direction or business decision (I digressed).

tRump was too busy gloating about those rioters being his supporters while his aides tell him to send fucking help and call off the rioters. He is absolutely done that is unmistakable. Shameless plug, I've been saying that 'he is done' since the start of 2020. One fuck up after another.

More and more details come out and it is unmistakable that this was orchestrated. I don't think tRump is smart enough to do it. He funds activities and perpetuates lies to achieve a goal. That means there is a missing link somewhere. Who is making up these ideas and feeding them to Giuliani and tRump? and then who orchestrated the riot

I don't know if the federal or state governments will uncover enough information to find how they all coordinated, but I'm sure there is information sitting somewhere right now that has the link. If that link is ever found man, it is time to declare war, build the gas chambers and ship them off to them. 2001 was bad, but not this level of bad.

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