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You Need Health Insurance to test against highly infectious diseases like COVID

Updated on March 03, 2020 at the 10th hour
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It does not make me wonder why highly infectious diseases will never be eradicated.

Not surprising that Republicans and Trump are spooked enough to request emergency funds around this ordeal after cutting CDC funds because eh, pandemics never happen. Maybe they were managed well that it didn't seem like a problem, y'know just like how anti-vaxxing became a thing because some people feel vaccinations are not needed nowadays.Yeah well, you can be reinfected with SARS COVID-2 as the virus overwhelms your bodies' antibodies. Shitty politics.

Governments response to the pandemic has been very shitty that's why it is spreading. It is a lot of "trust us, we'll manage it" or "virus will probably die off in April" and "most cases will just be the flu" bull. Survival of the fittest. I don't trust the government with managing this. It would be like them managing a nuclear explosion in its territory asking you to hang on that help is on the way when it isn't and can't. Will radios work in nuked territory? Not as well since radiation behaves like a wave and particle.

Yes, let's make you pay to test for scary disease that will spread to people all around you. I think the government should definitely cover all costs related to highly infectious diseases as a matter of managing national security across states. If you have to ask how is the health of a nation related to national security then let's ship you off to space.

P.S. If Trump gets SARS COVID-2 (will have mutated enough by that time), he surely will not survive it no matter the money.

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