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"Why would you run into a gunfight .... for Drugs?"

Updated on March 01, 2021 at the 16th hour
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Watched John Oliver talk about Police Raids on Drugs. Remnant of the war on drugs.

Few quotes/things stuck out to me

John Oliver said it best: 'Why would you risk your life for drugs that can be flushed within 20 seconds?'

“It just makes no sense,” said Mr. Chabali, a SWAT veteran who retired as assistant chief of the Dayton, Ohio, Police Department in 2015. “Why would you run into a gunfight? If we are going to risk our lives, we risk them for a hostage, for a citizen, for a fellow officer. You definitely don’t go in and risk your life for drugs.”

Mike Crane: Shooting At Police Serving No Knock Raids Is Justified

Police have to justify their 'dangerous' jobs or else they'd be bored and phased out. I mean the amount of job justifying that goes on in the world, I think could be blamed for why America is held back. Why do something new or different if you can stay comfortable at what you are doing currently?

On data analysis... Why don't we have data on the amount of raids they carry out and the amount of raids that go wrong? Are there changes instituted that guide future raids and how has that improved over the years? How many raids resulted in a shooting? How about the cases where they went to the wrong house then the right house and didn't need weapons because their suspects surrender peacefully?

How the fuck is it that police can get addresses wrong if they did their job and RECONNED the area? No penalties for breaking into the wrong home huh, whoops.

They can get raids wrong and still be under qualified immunity? No wonder both libertarians and dems want to shrink the scope or remove qualified immunity. Why should you be protected if you can't do your job properly? Some rando on the street could tell you the address just looking at the fucking  mailbox or I dunno DOOR.

I agree with Mike Crane on shooting the unknown intruder breaking into your home in the middle of the night. Raids put unsuspecting people in dangers way for what? Drugs. Get rid of the drug raids.

I think the data if police were open with it in the first place would show that they are highly ineffective in this country considering that these raids ain't targeting a specific organization. It's like a fucking hydra, you slice off one head and more heads come in. Attack the root problem instead of these band aid drug raids.

In the past, I wondered why drugs were being legalized if they are the demons that they are. Nowadays, no wonder drugs are being legalized with votes from both sides of the aisle. With no data showing that The War of Drugs was effective and lots of anecdotes showing how dumb it is to run into citizens homes only to hardly get into gunfights, attack the wrong home and obtain mostly peaceful surrenders, it is labeled a failure.

Drugs that can be flushed in seconds.... is it really worth the effort?

The question that every officer should ask is "Why would I risk my life ... for drugs?"

People use their personal liberty to use drugs, why do you want to stop them by force? Why aren't you stopping people from contracting coronavirus by force then? Coronavirus is the top cop killer, you'd think they'd have a full scale war against it among cops, but.... double standards! FREEDUMB!

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