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"Why such massive response to SARS COV-2? Influenza has more deaths"

Updated on March 07, 2020 at the 11th hour
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Yes why?

I really don't know guys......

No vaccine?

Higher death?

Higher hospitalizations?

Spreads widely and quickly?

You have no idea what you are saying 🤪

Of course the same foolish people would rather not cancel events, talk about how bad it is not, say it is just a flu, would rather wait until 60% of people have it until it is worth mentioning or canceling anything, gaslighting paranoia and declare it is going to go away like the other viruses. Same people who will blame government for ineptitude for not containing the virus once they or someone they are fond of gets it and probably dies. Same people who will blame themselves when their (grand)parents are sick and on deaths door from it.

Yes, let's keep events ongoing to maximize contacts and spread it as far and wide as possible giving it every opportunity to mutate as it festers.

Not so bad because you think you are invulnerable. Uh huh, that's why healthy doctors have died from it. MAKES SENSE. Drink all the kool aid.

Ah, you think it is just a flu because you know for sure how your body will react to the damage it will do.

Don't panic because not many people have it right now. What models have you created so far of the spread rate?

Yup, that's why it is all over the world right now because it can't survive in all climates. How did you verify that?

The truth is

Yes, if you are not worried and want to continue going to events and traveling to affected countries, you are an idiot and you should contract it and tell us how it all goes down for you. It has not been happy moments for those who got it. How about just not getting it to limit the spread? Not reasonable enough is it. 🤪

Fortunately, governments are responsible for public safety and are trying to contain it without listening to arrogant greedy dumb shits who got their medical degree from Mars or the Orion Cluster. Countries already started their bans on gatherings and travel.

Find something else to keep you occupied dumb fucks and if you contract it, stay the fuck indoors.

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