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Updated Blog for 2020

Updated on June 30, 2020 at the 02th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

Every year I try to see what I can do for my blog. This year, I decided not to change the layout. I think the layout is simple enough.

Instead, I updated the font to use Inter and updated infrastructure. There are some kinks to work out.

Styling and Font

The inter font ( is a very legible and dynamic font. I intend to use this on all my web properties. It just makes sense for the eyes.

- Another legible and easy on the eyes font is called Lexend (, which I could switch to in 2021.

Styling hasn't changed much on the public side of the blog. Internal side changed a little bit to accommodate packages like sweetalert2 and custom UI packages.

Links are finally marked up and highlighted. I'll update some past posts to mark the links. Links are important for the Web.


I made big investments in infrastructure software from the top down. My blog now makes use of them. It is a leap from where I was before.

Deployment is done via my internal deployment software rather than scripts. Very easy build and deploy. I no longer use pm2 for starting up nodejs applications. SystemD starts up/watches the applications.

Configuration (settings, secrets) are done via a git repository that another software (custom low memory repository software) is watching and pulling. My blog checks with the http server part of that sofware to check if it has changed and then pulls the configuration in memory. This is all done via a value provider written for C5Store.

Networking is all HAProxy and Nginx. HAProxy serves the front end traffic to Nginx. Nginx serves the internal application traffic. ZeroMQ/MessagePack is used to establish and move internal RPC traffic really really fast.

I've talked about it all in the past. Networking, configuration, deployment. There is still a long road before I could say things are a few short commands.

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