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Tim Ferriss' Reasons to Not Become Famous

Updated on February 09, 2020 at the 09th hour
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Very real and intense article by a guy I've never heard of

Maybe it is the energy he and other celebs put out that attracts the fans and intense fans (crazies and stalkers). Freedom can be a boon for mental people in getting to their targets. Imagine that, some guy reading your posts from across the nation thinking you were saying he had to move in with you and actually going to do it. Fuckin' A, I know I would go get a gun license quickly right after that. The paranoia after that episode would be enough that you'd shoot to kill.

Steve Jobs was able to walk around without the intense shit like this, but his crowd was more people who like a product rather than the people/personality, so I guess his exposure was much more limited.

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