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Stinging Insults that go over my Head

Updated on August 25, 2020 at the 13th hour
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Jokes that I thought were funny, but actually sting. It's not until you see the reaction that you know well that did not go well. Maybe an apology was done off camera.

The most stinging joke was the "maybe (sic) work somewhere else." Not something you wanna hear joke or otherwise especially from higher up on the food chain. The not so funny jokes (do not think they were jokes) about culinary school though were douche and snobby.

This video only shows a guy being out of touch on several occasions. It doesn't prove anything else other than that he can be an asshole at times. It may be the kind of people he typically hangs/hung around which developed the asshole for fun mentality.

The insults on the video were invisible to me since I am used to them, but i can see at the point where I laugh that's where the insult it since it sounds ridiculous or crazy.

Imagine saying a disclaimer before telling a joke though. Yeesh. Can only let it slide and talk the other person.

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