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Started Dabbling in C++ again, so Let's Get Started.

Updated on September 06, 2016 at the 03th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

I have not officially programmed in C++ for a long time though I did program C in successfully fixing and refactoring a python C module. I've been programming Java at work for a good amount of time now.

IDEs are the staple of any low level language for me, though I can survive without them. Just a little slower because the lack of autocomplete. Anyway, there are many build systems you can use for C++, but I think CMake is a good starting point if you want cross platform builds. The link below is a good way to start off a project and get it up for both Visual Studio and XCode.

Follow that tutorial loosely to get a project off the ground unless you are a complete C++/build system n00b.

It is a small blog post because I am taking small steps. Where do I intend to go with this? I have an idea of what to implement, but will likely blog about my misgivings of using C++, Boost, how much I miss having a package manager (or maybe not! less bloat!) and static vs dynamic linking (o god, just static link pls... so what if your project executable is bigger... just save yourself the headache).
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