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Some People Connect Better Through Text

Updated on September 24, 2020 at the 13th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

Lots of regurgitation I see online about how texting should only be used for this and that. I guess if you are a mindless robot sure. The realization is that people suck at writing, fail and then spread belief that writing sucks, so only connect in person... As if one has never seen the horror stories of meeting in person. 🙄 Most go nowhere. It doesn't matter what you do especially if it doesn't follow your intention or energy projection.

If one is looking for a connection, especially nowadays, one will text/message for conversation where one typically want to find commonalities quickly to keep them chemicals rushing. Less on flirting and love and more on topics whether everyday or specific like science. Energy will vary across topics.

If one is looking for love... then typically looking for a person with the same intentions with certain qualities with less emphasis on commonality. The only messages that flow here are for marriage and making babies.

Attention seeker? Lots of flirting. Lots of easy talk. The dirty streams of talk are flowing continuously here. Most likely to go nowhere. It is all feel good. Low energy not much intensity going on here.

A sex seeker only looks for one night feel goods. Lots of throwing praise and attraction signals your way. The other way is negging if that's the energy you seek. Typically high energy.

Obviously, there are mixtures between these and more. One day it might be attention seeking and the other will be love seeking. It is fluid. More or less one will dominate the other.

I personally like finding a connection overall. Talk of commitment and shit is weird for me especially if I don't feel engaged with my mind with you. Attention seeking is very short term as there are more frustrations with it than not if you ain't Brad Pitt. Same with sex seeking. I don't follow retard arbitrary rules about texting. It is like being a conservative... It is all image and will fall apart sooner rather than later. I text as soon as I can (which varies naturally, shocker!) or else I will forget to text at all.

Who waits 10secs in person to speak after another has spoken? Jump off the bridge if you do. Cult like mentality.

No you don't need to go on dates in order to get to know some people. If you're gonna text to build "rapport", it better be engaging and at a good time. Not everyone is the same and your and the other's energy attenuation is all that matters.

You ever wonder why some people trust others more quickly? Familiar energy. "Oh but X looks like a nice person. Let's let em off the hook."

Moral of story? Change your state of mind and find the right level of energy that matches what you seek. The texting and communication will follow what you project out.

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