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Social Security Administration is Technically Incompetent

Updated on September 27, 2020 at the 00th hour
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My god...

I sign up/in with to make it easy to sign in to a MySSA account and what do you know... It works. Great. End of story right?

Ha! I tried to request a replacement SS card and it can't verify my address. Did it a couple of times over 2 days.  Banned for 2 months from making those requests.

Ah ok, let's call in because surely their address verification system sucks. You'd think they'd have USPS address verification right? Go figure.

Agent tells me some blah blah about new address vs tax. Maaaam, I'm putting it into where it should be mailed to!!! After some time, I ask if the lock can be removed. She spends 20-30 mins waiting for a supervisor says only to conclude that I should contact the people to remove the lock on requesting a fucking replacement.

Are you fucking kidding? When does an external Single Sign On (SSO) service ever assist with specific functions related to their site? Who the fuck implemented this shit? Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb!!!!!!!

Spent an hour for that glorious bullshit. I'm going to sign up for a regular account and will see what happens when I call in again.

Called in again and a different more confident one said they I couldn't do it online because specifically they use the address submitted to the IRS, so the only way to do it is on paper! She had a good attitude, so great I can crack a little joke to make fun of the stupidity in this. Apparently shouldn't have even been able to create an account with my current address 🤪.

Oh and just like I said, turned me back to the SSA saying exactly what I said above. Some agents and their supervisors are just really dumb liars. I deleted my account because I don't want to go through this bullshit with a technically incompetent integration nor do I want to be directed to them again for something not under their control.

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