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Social AntiPattern: The Need to Feel Right

Updated on December 23, 2019 at the 06th hour
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I was gonna reply to some hackernews comment before it was deleted. The context is someone asseting storing any binary data in an RDBMS is an anti pattern after I said I store unindexed data as binary data in MySQL while the rest is indexed. There are some really bad ways to go about saying you don't understand something and/or have zero experience with, but making really terrible assertions is definitely not the right way to go.

The comment I was going to make follows:

The top companies in the field made amateur mistake and lack the understanding of how these system work. Right.

Naked blanket assertions are an amateur mistake. Not asking questions about said systems that one is in disbelief of is an amateur mistake.

The social anti patterns displayed by several people in these threads are amateur mistakes.

Not understanding when to and how to structure your schema because you do things the way you were taught is an amateur mistake.

"Just because it can do something, doesn't mean it should. " I find to be repulsive and dismissive. I'm not going to repeat what I said above just because you want to bash at something.

Thanks, have a good day.

I'm glad none of the dissenting people worked at a top tier company before because they would hold their beliefs so religiously until is forces them out. Oh yes, let's just use the RDBMS exactly for what it was made for. Oh right, RDBMS was made to store blog posts and user data. Of course, why find ways to take advantage of a database that already exists. I always disengage from people who make bad blanket assertions especially when this technique and neutral/positive sentiment is Googleable.

Theres one guy right now trying to argue that MySQL is not an RDBMS with the way Facebook, Google, or Tumblr is using it. Who cares. That wasn't even the point! I disengaged from him. Terrible experience. I didn't make the comment to convince him or anyone else on how to structure their data, but some want to convince me to do it the way they want to based on baseless unsubstantiated statements regardless of use case. Just don't do it because binary data type. Right ok, good job guys. No wonder people say Tech is toxic.

I cannot not and will not work with these kind of people. It is disgusting to see people label themselves as "engineer" but do not display the traits of the least decent engineer. Apprentice for life!

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