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SMH. Intolerable People.

Updated on March 08, 2020 at the 13th hour
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DISCLAIMER: Expressed views on this blog are my own.

Freedom of speech only applies to Government. It is posts like this: that try to apply the Free Speech principle everywhere they go and it attracts bottom feeders. The same bottom feeders that go on 4chan, 8chan, Trump or Alt Right sub-reddits to post vitriolic bull and want to invoke free speech or invoke the conspiracy that globalists, liberals or whatever boogeymen are trying to shut them down. Guess what, freedom of speech don't apply to private forums. Yeah, a shock.

Same with the second amendment. Right to own guns applies to your person, but it can be banned on private property. Ahhhhhh, why would anyone want to ban guns?!

Plenty of examples on YouTube where you have some White guy trying to invoke freedom of speech in a private forum. It just doesn't work that way.

Back to that post, the guy wants to talk about bull shit statistics because some people decided to start throwing out numbers. 90% of this is committed by this and if we just did this then the problem is solved. If you see the comment thread below, it is filled of garbage. Yeesh, I don't visit certain sites because the comments are just complete garbage and not funny. Let's remember how Nazism was born or even why minorities having governments turned against them. Its these exact garbage thoughts that led us to where we all are and continue to go in. If minorities were not bothered by subjugating whites in the first place, we would not be where we are. That is fact. The hypocrisy is noted in America's founding and subsequent declaration of independence. - Talks about the right to be rude. You sure do have to right to be a fool and others have the right to say fuck off. Time after time, I see that these guys are only for themselves, they don't give a shit about freedom of speech unless it applies to them to allow them to be heard. I'm sure there is a psychological disorder for wanting to force your beliefs on people who don't want to hear it.

It is phishy when these mostly white guys talk about their "rights" being eroded, but forget about the rights of their designated problem population, minorities, in order to set them straight. "Why do minorities hate cops man? The majority are all good and trying to protect them." Oh, the minority of cops making them look distrustful just doesn't matter. There's this saying, I think by Muhammad Ali, where there is a pit of snakes where a few are poisonous that you would not trust any of the snakes. Yeah yeah, what a shock that gambling (rolling the dice) is something everyone shares.

The post mentions the idea of having to moderate yourself in order to not hurt other peoples feelings. Ahhh, too much work to be neutral. You are hurting my feelings by telling me I have to moderate my feelings. Wah. Cry me a river. 😭

Every time I hear this bull about the one person who does all the work I wonder who that one guy is? Some old white guy sometimes an arrogant young white guy. How did "he" get that opportunity in the first place? Oh yeah, by chance. Apparently, no one else is doing the work that's why people are where they are. Fix your interview processes if you feel so arrogant and foolish to say there is one guy or guys doing all the work. Try handling customer service or cleaning up after yourself and tell me who much time it takes out of your day to do "work." Work that is done by people who are not paid as much is just as valuable for the ones who get paid a shit ton. People can focus where they need to. Hard work doesn't get you anywhere if it has no impact, so keep doing all the work whatever it is

There are times when "big tech" goes overboard with regulation of user behavior on their properties, but that's why broad user feedback can push back against it. It has been favorable to remove extreme thought people. Take your crazy elsewhere.

Hey, I'm all for hearing ideas, but with some guys, fuck your shit thoughts. I'm glad big tech will de-platform you or kick you out. Trash minded thoughts are not welcome.

I would tone my speech, but free speech AMIRITE? Hahaahaha, 😂

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