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Second Self Eye Test

Updated on July 08, 2022 at the 18th hour
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Instead of going to an Eye Doctor to prescribe me lenses' parameters I decided to go about it on my own in 2019. It was successful since I am still wearing the 2 sets of eyeglasses I ordered at that time. The second test aimed to lower the parameters while maintaining clear eyesight at different distances since that was the goal of self prescribing.

I did a second self eye test with some helpful reminders/tips from youtube videos and some remembering. I included these tips as note entries in my note taking app. This time I went with lower spherical and similar cylinder powers for both sets of glasses stemming from the distance eye glasses. The axis for both have changed by about 15-30 degrees either way for the RT/LT values. Not really sure why or if that is a good thing.

I ordered two eyeglasses the first time and repeated that this time. One is for distance (driving) target of 20/10 at 10ft+ and the other is for close range (computer/reading) with a target 20/20 or better at 5ft. I added blue light protection, fingerprint/oil resistant coating and clip ons which are premiums I avoided the first time since I wasn't sure if those glasses were going to be good given it was my first time doing a self eye test. More confidence in my readings means more risk to take with the premium additions.

Also thought about adding a third pair of glasses with a more powerful reading, but considering the distance glasses can see more than 20/20 at 10ft I am confident they are good enough for any task. I haven't worn the glasses I bought in 2019 with insurance and doctor prescription in quite a while. I reserved it for driving since they had more powerful reading. I think the eye doctor tends to be more conservative in their values to make sure once can see very far, but eh whatever. Personally, I think the more unnecessary power then the more your eyes have to adjust to that power which makes you more dependent on glasses. I mean look at it 3 yrs later with my self prescription and I can take the power down and compare it to the first reading to make sure I can see the same things.

What can I say, can't wait till I see, literally, when they are in my hands.

I've blogged about the first eyeglasses and where I bought them from in this saga: Self Prescribed Eyeglasses. Yes, I did order from the same place since they accept self prescription values unlike the other eyeglass stores.

About some parameters: The distance eyeglasses I moved up by .25. The close range eyeglass power I moved up by 1.00 which is significant, but that is because I had a particular target this time around rather than have a hazy target aka whatever I did the first time.

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