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Queen and Slim is a 6/10

Updated on March 21, 2021 at the 15th hour
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The premise of the movie is captivating. A kind of black Bonnie and Clyde situation where they are on the run from cops who try to turn the story on them. A black woman gets shot by a cop during a typical prejudiced traffic stop and it is recorded on dash cam and the black man scuffling with the cop kills em.

Character development was ehhh typical. Didn't see anything that grabbed me about the characters. It developed into a romance movie than anything else which turned me off of the movie. Didn't feel it added anything to the story. It became the focus.

It show Clyde, not his name referring to the black guy, stepping out of the car by cop orders and y'know the typical black traffic stop where the cops want to exercise their authority. He eludes to the authorized search taking too long, so the cop decides to escalate it telling him he is under arrest and taking out his standard issued gun. Black woman, who happens to be a lawyer, gets pissed off that the copper was trying to phish instead of handing a ticket and being done with it. It explodes into her getting shot and then the cop getting killed.

They go on the run starting off fighting, but as they spend more time together that's how the romance starts to take the forefront. I felt like that's when the story started coasting. It is like cool bro, so the movie ends exactly how you'd expect it. Cops kill them and they become martyrs.

It's an okay movie. It was a romance movie from the start. It just uses USA's race tensions as a background for it. If you're into that kinda thing sure watch it.

Nothing in the movie felt like something I would remember. Needs better character development. Better way to bring out the characters.


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