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Project Flare #3

Updated on January 28, 2012 at the 15th hour
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I’ve been reading research papers mainly on social networks, recommendation, and that sort of blah. A lot of it is social science, but statistics plays heavily on understanding what they use and why. Good thing I don’t need to be a social sciences major to grasp what they are saying though! Anyway, collaborative filtering will play heavily on what I’d like to do. Tagging is most important to the idea. I mean sure there are many tagging websites and ker-blah, but not the way I’ve thought it up so far. I’ve also been reading on the idea of relationship quality in determining friendship, which is an interesting idea and actually, it is practically the same as my idea in determining relationship between people. The difference comes in how it is/will be used.

Probably talking too much about the idea, so I’ll stop there.

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