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Project Flare #2

Updated on January 19, 2012 at the 16th hour
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Alrighty, I've written down some thoughts and drawn some mock ups of how I'd like it to look and so far... it looks like it was built for a tablet. Very simple interface and you'll see how simple it is once I get a prototype working. I envision the home page as using a traditional layout, but when you login that's where the magic happens. Instantaneously, we break from the traditional layout to a content focused layout with ZERO on-site menus. The menus will come from clicking one button from either side of the web page. How does this break from the traditional layout? You'd have to look at web page design websites to figure that out. If I can find the right sponsors/partners for this kind of project, I'd bet my money on a successful idea. Until then, this idea is just 'interesting' and I'll have to make it more than just interesting. Really excited for this project. Plus, I still haven't gotten a negative response about it, but that may be due to my bias in choosing people, but their personalities vary a lot. :) :) :)
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