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Project Flare

Updated on January 18, 2012 at the 19th hour
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I've recently found more interest in pursuing my social idea. I should have pursued the first social idea I came up with because Google+ came out 1-2 years after and showed the viability of that idea. The core of Google+ is basically that it is a a cross between Facebook and Twitter along with the idea that your split people up into groups. That's the end of that though, I didn't pursue the idea.

Next up is Project Flare. This idea builds up on my previous ideas, but this time I am envisioning building it upon four principles relating to content and people. Currently, I am building mock-ups and describing the content of the site. I really think this idea will be received particularly well because of the 4 principles. It is an idea that will definitely incorporating machine learning because it will be so simple to use. Right now, what I am thinking is that you should be able to visit the site, possibly browse, sign up, and not have to specify anything else. I don't think this has been done yet, but I will be doing it. :)

Describing the idea in full is probably a bad idea at this point. I need a full prototype to work before that happens.
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