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Opening an Account at Citibank is so slow and dumb.

Updated on November 15, 2016 at the 13th hour
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Two weeks ago from today November 15, I opened an Access account at Citibank through their online application. I've never seen a bank account that is online-only, so it is fitting that I sign up online to get it.

Sure, the approval process was quick, but 1. why did I receive an email saying that I needed to place an initial deposit (AS IF IT WERE BLOCKING THE APPROVAL) and 2. where the hell is the account? Furthermore, why the hell am I getting emails to place an initial deposit after I authorized it during the application process? Are the people there just not aware that I already did? It is not associated with my account yet and at the time of approval I did not get an account number. They say I can GO TO A CITIBANK to freakin' deposit into it... so much for the do your banking online-only crap.

Just got the account number through the mail last week, but no routing number. Don't fret, routing numbers are public and easy to look up. I decided since I got mail and email for placing an initial deposit that I would just push one manually, which turned out to be successful. Nov. 14 comes along and I look at my previous bank and see the initial deposit that I authorized going through, so now I have TWO "initial" deposits... wtf.

All throughout this process, I have live chatted and called, none of them said anything about the process specifically. Citibank has failed to communicate their entire process and their (new account) customer service needs to get better at asking the right questions such as whether I opened it online and if I authorized an initial deposit and that it would be done automatically.

This is my feedback Citibank. Fix your shit, stop confusing me and AUTO-ASSOCIATE MY BANK ACCOUNT WITH THE GODDAMNED ONLINE ACCOUNT. Why in the world do I have to wait for my debit card in order to link my account.

What the hell is this, 2005? Archaic, af.
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