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Not Afraid to Fail

Updated on September 16, 2020 at the 15th hour
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I've been listening to Jennette McCurdy's podcast on YouTube. Uhh, not a podcast app because PS4 has YouTube.

This one is probably my favorite so far and connects with everyone. Everyone "loses" in someway at some point and coming to terms with that is important. Keeping stuck in a rut for an extended period of time is not healthy nor helpful to yourself.

Speaker here specifically says "Think about you life as a series of chapters and someday someone is going to read this book ... Chapters of my life were filled with opportunities and experiences (challenges) ... When we go to Chapter 11, that chapter is now blank. The beautiful thing is... I have the pen in my hand so I can write down what's happening in this next chapter ... My screenplay for my life doesn't go exactly to what I planned, but it definitely gives me direction and guidance for how I would like it to go and win, lose or draw and I've had many losses... it doesn't matter. I will always keep showing up, I will keep getting up and I will keep trying because I am not afraid to fail ... I think many of us are held by that system that holds us back because we are so scared to fail or what it might look like to someone else or feel like what it might be to ourselves. At some point you have to have the conversation, what would you actually do if no one gave a shit?"

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